The Beginning of Our Summer 2018 Travels


The Beginning of Our Summer 2018 Travels

The Beginning of Our Summer 2018 Travels

It is an exciting time when leaving again after six months of not traveling. The weather was starting to get a little to warm in Southern Arizona so we started packing up in late March.  The second year of travel in our RV full-time and we’re so excited for this year’s adventures. We began our trip, Easter weekend, with a family visit before beginning our summer adventure.

The Beginning of Our Summer 2018 Travels

Our first stop along the way was a drive through the Petrified Forest National Park. Be prepared for everything to get jostled around in your RV. We had never experienced this much jostling around last year, but this road was so rough the fridge door shelves even came loose. It was a pretty drive though so check out the photo gallery for more pictures.

The Beginning of Our Summer 2018 Travels

It took 3 days to get to our Easter destination in Oklahoma because we took our time. We have driven I-40 for many years but had never stopped along the way to see a few sights. We stopped for an overnight stay in the Grants, New Mexico Walmart.

This particular Walmart is not open 24 hours so it was less busy and we enjoyed the stay. It was a little noisy, which is to be expected, but we were surprised by the number of semi trucks parked there overnight.

Blue Hole Santa Rosa

In Santa Rosa, New Mexico there is a hidden gem we had never heard of before so we set off to find the beautiful Blue Hole.

The water is a chilly 62 degrees year round and there weren’t too many people there when we stopped since it was a pretty chilly day. The water was so pretty and looked refreshing.

The 81-foot depth makes it a mecca for divers and even though it looks like a small watering hole it is deep and very clear. It’s like a little crystal blue pond.

Son Jon Campsite NM

Saturday night we stayed in a little city park in San Jon, New Mexico. Driving across New Mexico is a long drive so it was nice to take a few breaks along the way. This is a nice and quiet park with clean restrooms. Best of all it’s FREE and we would definitely stay there again.

Cadillac Ranch

In good ‘ole Texas we visited Cadillac Ranch another one of those places we had never heard of before although we’ve driven by it countless times throughout the years. We left our mark there #JN2TRVL.

Bring spray paint and add your art (we found a couple of cans just laying around)!  This was so neat to see after seeing other peoples pictures on Instagram. Route 66 has so many things to see I think we need to just do a Route 66 trip down “The Highway of Dreams”.

i40 Cross

We also stopped by the huge Cross off highway 40 in Groom, Texas.  Seems like every time we have gone by The Cross it has been dark, but this time, daylight, so we stopped. Easter Sunday was a perfect day to stop and check out the depiction and ministry represented there. Simply beautiful!

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