10 Fun Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for RVing Mom’s

10 Fun Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for RVing Mom’s

Before becoming a full-time RVing Mom I remember getting gifts that just wouldn’t work well in this RV lifestyle. Items such as large appliances, yard ornaments, patio-type items, very fragile glass, I collect vases, you get the idea.

So what do you get that special mom in your life that lives on the road fulltime? Here are 10 gift ideas for your traveling Mom.

1. Hats are a great gift for Mom just to throw on and go. This Camping Hair Don’t Care Hat is perfect. I have this hat and it is my favorite hat for bad hair days, it is cute and that still matters even when RVing!


2. This SolarPuff Solight Portable Compact LED Solar Lantern would come in handy when Mom is off-grid camping in the boonies somewhere. Saving power is important when you are off-grid. You still need lights at night and this easy to use little lantern gets the job done. Weighing only 2.6 oz and it can be packed flat to 0.25″ thin, great for camping and backpacking! PLUS it will Light a room of up to 100 sq. ft.


3. A new cute stainless steel tumbler that will either keep Mom’s drink ice cold or her coffee nice and hot! This one even comes with a lid so she can’t spill it.


4. A special gift for Moms who like to journal. I like to write things down in this cute RV There Yet journal which features prompts including; departing from, destination, route taken, sights/memorable events, stops, where I/we stayed/ate, and places to remember for next time. It is small and lightweight AND how cute is it?


5. Sometimes Mom’s have to use the showers at the campgrounds. Another fun gift is this Waterproof Makeup Storage Organizer she can put her shampoo, soap and whatever else she may need. It is waterproof as well so that is a bonus!  A lot of the times there isn’t anywhere to set things so you can hang this on the hook to keep dry.



6. Removable slipcovers for throw pillows are the best thing ever when you have pets. These are so super cute and Mom will defiantly love them! I saw these inspirational quote throw pillow covers and thought they would be a fun gift! Plus they are WASHABLE and last a lot longer than the pillows.



7. Patio lights that are solar is a neat idea for lighting up your campsite. These Solar Globe Bulb Lights, Outdoor Waterproof 11.5ft 10 LED Clear Plastic Solar-Powered are perfect. One, they are plastic and two they are solar powered! 




8.  A new fleece blanket can help keep Mom warm by the fire at night or when she’s reading a book. She can cozy up with this Happy Camper Fleece Blanket.


9. Most RV’s don’t have a lot of wall space to hang photos or postcards. I love this Picture Frame Collage which holds quite a few photos. It is lightweight and Mom can hang plenty of adventure photos from the family travels!


10. Last but not least I think all Mom’s need a book to help plan adventures. I find it fun looking up things online but sometimes it is nice to have a book with all the things listed for you. This book 50 States, 5,000 Ideas: Where to Go, When to Go, What to See, What to Do is really interesting and full of great ideas!


Pick out one of these gifts for your Mom today and don’t forget Mother’s Day. Sometimes the simplest gift can really brighten Mom’s day. These are just a few ideas to help you find that perfect gift for your RV Mom.


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