NomadFest 2018 – RV Nomads Movie Premier

NomadFest 2018

NomadFest 2018 – RV Nomads Movie Premier

We had a fabulous time at Nomad Fest 2018 and met so many amazing people and fellow nomads. We are super excited about Nomad Fest 2019 and look forward to meeting more friends and creating some amazing memories next year in Wellington, Texas.


The Cast & Crew

Our hats off to the cast and crew for the spectacular movie depicting the RV Nomad life and for hosting an unforgettable Nomad Fest 2018.

If you’d like to see Epic Nomads THE MOVIE for FREE download Epic Nomad Life from your App store today. Android/Google Play Store  or  Apple/IOS


The Ritz Theater

The movie premiere was shown has been fully restored, it is a beautiful theater. We have driven through Wellington many times on our way to Oklahoma. We enjoyed our stay this tiny Texas town, where time seems to move a little slower.


NomadFest 2018


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