Top 3 Places to See when Visiting Victoria, B.C.

Our Visit to Victoria, B.C

Walking onto the Red Ball Ferry Line in Port Angeles, WA we made our way to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Summer 2018 for a day trip.

We thoroughly enjoyed being “tourists” for the day, in Canada, and we were thrilled that Maggie was able to tag along.

We’ve heard from many of our friends from the “Great White North” that Victoria, BC is beautiful. We just had to see for ourselves. We hopped on the early morning ferry and crossed into Victoria. After showing Maggie’s shot record at the border crossing she was allowed to cross with us and we were good to go!

Ferry to Canada

It was such an exciting day for us and the anticipation for this trip had started months before our visit. I have to say Victoria, the Capital of British Columbia, did not disappoint but one day is simply not enough time to see everything Victoria has to offer.

Join us in this video as we take you on a walking tour of Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC. 

Top 3 Places to See when Visiting Victoria, B.C.

If you only have one day to visit Victoria, B.C. here are the top 3 places we recommend you see.

Vancouver Island BC

British Columbia Parliament Buildings

Transfixed by its beauty we strolled past the British Columbia Parliament Buildings. The Parliament buildings look to be right out of a fairy-tail! Amazing castle-like structures with exquisite lawns, statues, and fountains. The horse and buggy tours along the streets made it feel like we had gone back in time.British Columbia Parliament Buildings, Victoria BC

British Columbia Parliament Building

Fisherman’s Warf

Just around the corner from the ferry landing was a dog-friendly hidden treasure, Fisherman’s Wharf. We had heard so many great things about Barb’s Fish and Chips, a Fisherman’s Wharf icon, that we had to stop and try it for ourselves. Barb’s has been serving old-school seafood bites on the wharf since 1984. The Halibut fish and chips baskets we ordered were the BEST fish we’ve ever had!

Barbs Fish and Chips, Vancouver Island

Tiny Float Homes

Perhaps the biggest attraction on Fisherman’s Wharf is the tiny floating houses. These floating homes are unlike houseboats; they are not motorized. These Float homes are simply tiny condo type homes moored to the wharf and floating right on the Pacific ocean. This float home community was cute and artistic, each home has a design of its own. Float Homes, Vancouver Island, BC Fisherman Warf

Tiny Float homes Community

Float Homes in Victoria BC

We look forward to visiting Vancouver Island again real soon. The ferry ride back to the U.S. was uneventful. All three of us were worn out after a day of walking around Victoria, lots of walking. We simply relaxed and enjoyed the most amazing sunset on the way back to the states.

Sunset over The Straits of Juan De Fuca

Port Angeles, Washington


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