Your Top 10 Heavy Duty Truck Questions Answered

Your Top 10 Heavy Duty Truck Questions Answered

Your Top 10 Heavy Duty Truck Questions Answered

Join us in this episode where we answer your top 10 questions around buying, registering, and using your new HDT. Have more questions? Email us here

Be sure to watch the video until the end to see how Maggie gets in and out of the HDT and the Smart car.


Top 10 Questions Answered

See the video above for a more in-depth explanation.

1. Where do you go to find Heavy Duty Trucks? 

These Websites and Groups we found helpful in our search.
Horse Trail
Facebook Groups:
HDT – Heavy Duty Trucks for RVing

2. What was the cost of all the pre-purchase testing that was done? 

Dino Test, Fluid Samples, DOT Inspection around $750 BEFORE we purchased.  Prices for these tests were in May 2020

3. Is it hard to drive? It is similar to driving a motorhome. The Volvo is automatic with the Ishift transmission. The entire HDT is the SAME width as a dually truck.

4. What is your fuel mileage?

As right now we are averaging 8-9 miles per gallon however, the Volvo has TWO 125 gallon fuel tanks. We get better miles per gallon than we did in the Ford F350 Dually pulling our monster DRV Fullhouse.

5. Do you need a CDL? The simple answer is NO if you are a SOUTH DAKOTA resident you can register your HDT is an RV.  We will be doing a video around this topic very soon!

6. Are you a retired truck driver? No

7. Can you tow with a commercial hitch?  Yes and No. Our preferred towing hitch is the Comfort Ride Hitch with this hitch you are less likely to damage your fifth wheel while towing.

8. How do you register the truck privately?  It all depends on the state you are a resident of. We are residents of South Dakota. We will be doing a video around this topic very soon!

9. Do you stop at the DOT scales? The short answer is NO because our truck is registered in South Dakota as an RV.

10. Why did you choose a Volvo truck over other brands? The Volvo checked all of our boxes for what we wanted and needed in an HDT.

BONUS Question

How does Maggie get in and out of the Truck and Smart Car?

You will have to check out the video to see how she does it!

Your Top 10 Heavy Duty Truck Questions Answered

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