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2020 Quartzsite RV Show

2020 Quartzsite Rv Show Join us in this episode where we take you along to the Big Tent at the 2020 Quartzsite RV Show. We tour some RVs and let out a little secret. You won’t believe it.   The Big Tent I found Aaron daydreaming at the RV show when I thought he was chatting with friends. Haha Sure was a pretty side by side maybe one day we will get another toy untilRead More…

2020 Quartzsite Meetup

2020 Quartzsite Meetup

2020 Quartzsite Meetup | RV Living Join us in this episode as we recap our 2020 meetup in Quartzsite, AZ with Suite Travels and Papa Drew’s RV. We had such a great time meeting new friends and reconnecting with those we’ve met on the road. Some of them we even met last year in Quartzsite. If you weren’t able to make it, we sincerely hope to get to meet up with you one day onRead More…