Chasing Waterfalls in Twin Falls, Idaho


The Road to Balance Rock

Chasing Waterfalls in Twin Falls, Idaho

Join us in this episode as we traveled north for the Heavy-Duty Truck (HDT) Rally in Caldwell, Idaho we stopped for a few days in Twin Falls, Idaho to do some sightseeing. We’ve never spent time in Twin Falls and this was the perfect opportunity to explore.

Come along as we check out Shoshone Falls, Balanced Rock, and the amazing Snake River.

Shoshone Falls

I love it when I get a beautiful rainbow when I taking photographs of waterfalls. If you haven’t noticed by now that we or I should say I really love waterfalls. When we were researching places to visit while in Twin Falls this waterfall popped up as a must-see and you know what? They were right! WOW!

I had heard that Twin Falls, Idaho had many waterfalls but since then I have learned that this area is known for waterfalls. What I didn’t expect was to be totally blown away by Shoshone Falls. Wow is it ever stunning and breathtaking?

Photographs don’t do it justice. Be sure to check out our video for more of a real-time feel of being next to some breathtaking natural beauty. We also have an entire photo gallery here for you.

Chasing Waterfalls in Twin Falls, Idaho

The Niagara of the West

The Shoshone Falls are often referred to as Niagara of the West. The falls are 212 feet tall and 1000 feet wide. Shoshone Falls is the largest waterfall in the United States making it even larger than the famous Niagara Falls.

The Snake River is home to this amazing waterfall as the river snakes through the base of the canyon making its way toward the Shoshone Falls then onto the Columbia River.

The seasons play a roll in how much water flows through this amazing waterfall. Spring is the best season to see the waterfall in all its glory. We were there in mid-June. Heavier the snowfall the more the water will flow in the spring from the snowmelt.

Chasing Waterfalls in Twin Falls, Idaho

The Snake River

As you enter Twin Falls you cross an amazing bridge taking you across the snake river! Wow is It is a sight to see. The Perrine Bridge is high above the stunning Snake River. This Snake River is used for irrigation and is a crucial part of the local economy.

Located on the northern edge of Twin Falls and the gateway to many more waterfalls. This bridge is 1,500 feet long and rises 486 feet above the Snake River Canyon. It has a pedestrian walkway with views of the Snake River and many waterfalls. You might even see a BASE jumper or two parachuting to the canyon floor below.

The Perrine Bridge is the only bridge in the world that allows base jumpers to jump without a permit.

 Perrine Bridge

The Perrine Bridge

Balanced Rock

We took a short scenic drive while in the area and stumbled upon this oddly shaped rock. Turns out that this is a world-famous rock which actually sits near Castleford, Idaho, and is a true Southern Idaho icon.

Balanced Rock Twin Falls Idaho

This mushroom-shaped rock measures 48 feet wide at the top and only 3 feet, 17 inches at the base. Just a short walk up the hill you can get up close and even climb the rock but we are not rock climbers so we just took some awesome photos and videos while we stayed on the ground.


There is also a county park nearby with a small campground where you can camp overnight and even have a picnic! No hookups this is all dry camping near a small river you can fish on.

Balance RockBalance RockBalance RockSnake River

Where We Stayed

While we were in Twin Falls we stayed at the nearby fairgrounds, which has an RV Park.  This park is located 6 miles east of town. I really liked staying there, it was nice and quiet. I will do a more in-depth review for you soon.

Twin Falls County Fairgrounds

Below is the Twin Falls, Idaho photo gallery so be sure to check it out. Also, don’t forget to check out the video of our awesome visit to Twin Falls, Idaho.

There’s a new adventure around every corner so don’t forget to join in over at YouTubeInstagram, and Facebook We appreciate you following along with us.


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