Haloview RD7 Wireless Camera

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In this week’s video, we’re going to talk about a wireless solution from Haloview so come along. It’s a lot easier than you might think so stay tuned!

Haloview RD7 Wireless Camera Install & Review

If you’ve been following our journey you know that we tow a heavy 45-foot toy hauler with a Volvo semi-truck we’ve converted into an RV hauler. Even though we love our truck and how amazing it is to travel in there is one downside to operating a large class 8 truck like ours.

That downside is visibility. Today we’re going to talk about a wireless solution from Haloview.

Haloview RD7 Wireless Camera Install & Review


Our Volvo is equipped with a great mirror package which makes our driver visibility great. However, there are a couple of areas that we simply cannot see from the cab.

The first of those areas is the fifth-wheel hitch. When we go to connect to the fifth wheel there is absolutely no way to see that connection from the cab.

Secondly, we cannot see what’s behind the RV while we are traveling down the road or maneuvering in a campground.

Our Volvo and DRV Fullhouse

So, what’s the solution?

The best solution we’ve found are remote cameras. A lot of RVs today come from the factory equipped with a rear camera option and ours was no exception.

We are currently using a system from Voyager that allows for one wireless camera, on the back of the RV, and up to 3 wired cameras. Together with our wireless RV camera we also use an additional wired camera to be able to see the hitch on our HDT.

We were so excited when Haloview reached out to ask if we would try out their camera system. They sent us their RD7 – 7” Range Dominator System to install and try out. We also requested an additional camera to use for our hitch view.

What’s really impressive about the Haloview system is that these are heavy-duty cameras in metal cases, the display is light and easy to mount and the system will allow for up to 4 wireless cameras.

That right. All you need to hook these cameras up is 10 to 32 volts of DC power. How could it be any simpler?


Haloview RD7 Wireless Camera Install & Review


For our specific application, we will use the Model CA-613 camera for the back of our RV along with the extended wireless communicator.

This extension will allow us to move the camera antennae to the front of our RV providing a strong camera signal 60 plus feet away in the cab of the Volvo. Additionally, we will use a model CA-109 wireless camera for our hitch view.

When it comes to safety this setup is important because the Haloview RD7 Wireless Camera accepts up to a 128-gig memory card and will record all 4 camera channels.

Our plans for a future upgrade include adding a third wireless camera to the windshield of the Volvo to double as a dashcam and the fourth camera to the top of our truck’s drom box allowing us to monitor the smart car and truck bed while traveling.

Now if there are any mishaps during our travels, we will have the incident recorded.

Haloview RD7 Wireless Camera Install & Review

RD7 – 7” Range Dominator System

The RD7 – 7” Range Dominator System from Haloview comes with everything you need to mount the display, cameras, and wireless extender to your RV. If you aren’t towing with an HDT then you may not need the extra camera for a hitch view but you can always expand later and add the additional cameras if you need to.

Another great feature of this system is the ability to turn cameras on and off with triggers. For example, let’s say you mount a camera on the side of your rig and want it to come on when you turn on the associated turn signal (trigger) in the cab, that can be done with this system.

You can also view each individual camera full screen or all 4 cameras, and many different combinations, of split-screen views.

Haloview RD7 Wireless Camera Install & Review

As you can tell the RD7 – 7” Range Dominator System from Haloview is a very robust, flexible, and easy to use system that we recommend every RVer, HDT or not, use for improved visibility and increased safety while out enjoying this amazing RV lifestyle.

Check out our YouTube video where we go through the system, perform a full system install, and test the functionality while traveling.

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