Introducing Road & Home and the “Ready for the Road Checklist”!

Introducing Road & Home

Whether you’re new to RVing, a seasoned camper, or full-time RV’er, there will come a time when you’ll need some sort of RV replacement part. Trouble is, when that need arises, the local RV parts store may be closed or not available in your location. In our experience, it’s just good ole “Murphy’s Law” coming around to bite us again.

We’ve been to many larger towns where RV parts suppliers simply aren’t available. We’ve often chatted about how great it would be if we could just run down to a big box store and pick up the RV specific parts we need. While some big box stores do offer various hoses and perhaps a small variety of electrical cords, they simply don’t offer the in-depth selection of RV parts to satisfy our needs.

New Company on the Scene

Thankfully, there is a new company on the scene that has recognized this gap and has developed a great solution. Introducing Road & Home, part of the World and Main family of brands.

Introducing Road & Home


Road & Home offers a wide variety of RV repair parts through nationally recognized retail partners. The Road & Home line of parts is currently available at Lowe’s and Menards Home Improvement outlets as well as

This is great news for any RV’er in need of a replacement part while out on the road. Road & Home has partnered with these retailers to provide the business hours and purchasing power needed to make RV specific parts available to the masses.

When we learned about Road & Home and the availability of its parts line, we were excited and couldn’t wait to introduce Road & Home to you.

You may be surprised at the breadth of products offered by Road & Home.  By providing access to electrical, plumbing and sewer accessories for RV setup, replacement RV faucets, window and cabinet hardware, RV locksets, RV plumbing parts and so much more, Road & Home really has you covered.

“Ready for the Road Checklist”

Check out the Road & Home website for a look at its complete parts line up. While you’re there, make sure to check out the “Ready for the Road Checklist” link located at the top of the homepage.

We are very impressed with the “Ready for the Road Checklist” and wondered why we haven’t seen this type of approach before. Knowing exactly what you need when you begin your RVing journey just makes sense.

This is a great tool for any RV owner but may be especially beneficial to the newbies out there. Whether you just purchased your RV or are considering one for the first time, the “Ready for the Road Checklist” may be one of the most important tools available.

A Practical Approach

Road & Home has taken a practical approach with the “Ready for the Road Checklist,” outlining the necessary items needed for a successful RV hookup and recommends the following items:

RV Waste Hose

RV waste hoses are subject to constant abuse. They can get run over, stepped on, crushed, or cut in normal use. Don’t get caught with a full tank and no hose to hook-up to the sewer! Keep an extra hose with you at all times. It is cheap insurance!

Fittings for Your RV Waste Hose

When you need to replace the sewer hose, you probably don’t want to pull the old dirty fittings out of your old hose. It’s important to have a collection of spare fittings to go along with your spare hose.



RV Waste Hose Clamps

Easy to use and very important for holding fittings securely into the sewer hose.


Plastic Roof Vent Cap

It is not unusual for the vent cap to get broken off if you hit a low branch or something knocks into it. Keep pests, debris and water out of your drain system by replacing the cap. It is a simple repair that keeps your plumbing system in tip-top shape.

Water Pressure Regulator

Plumbing systems are generally designed to work at 40-50 PSI of pressure. Water inlets at many parks run higher. Don’t put your RV’s plumbing system at risk – simply place the regulator on the water supply spigot and take the worry out of hooking up. Also, these are frequently lost or left behind, so it is a good idea to have an extra one with you at all times.

25’ Drinking Water Hose

Not all garden hoses are drinking water safe. It is critical to have an extra water hose with you at all times. Sometimes the hook up is further away than your existing hose can reach. Other times, your existing hose can get damaged and it needs to be replaced. Either way, you need to get the water to the RV!

90-Degree Hose Adapter

Help prevent your hose from kinking – use this adapter to angle the hose in the direction it needs to go. Also, this fitting is easier to put into your city water supply inlet than a long garden hose. You can attach the hose easily to the fitting because it is sticking out from the body of the RV.

Electrical Dogbones

Don’t get caught in the dark! You never know what the electrical hook up is going to be. These dogbone adapters will help make sure you can hook up, no matter what you come across. IMPORTANT – match the maximum amperage of your RV to the amperage rating on the cord.


25’ RV Hookup Cord

You should never use a damaged electrical cord. The risk of electrocution, fires, short circuits and other serious events is very real. If your cord has a cut jacket, or it is damaged in any way – please replace it. Think about carrying an extra with you so you don’t get to the park and find that your cord is not in pristine condition.

15- and 30-AMP Outlet Adapters

Prepare to adapt! Always have the right outlet to match your hook up. Use these adapters to make sure your lights will come on!


As you can see, the “Ready for the Road Checklist” is an invaluable tool. Helping ensure you are ready for the road.

Along with full disclosure comes the fact that JonesN2Travel is committed to only recommending products that we have thoroughly used and abused ourselves. We will never recommend a product that doesn’t perform exceptionally well in our fulltime RVing lifestyle.

That said, the folks over at Road & Home hooked us up with a very generous and free product sample package which we’ve been using and abusing over the last couple of weeks. We may also be compensated by providing this review to you.

Our review and endorsement of these products is entirely our own. We were not guided by Road & Home in our review, nor was our review overseen by Road & Home. We are simply excited about the product’s quality and durability which are top-notch.

Do yourself a favor and jump over to the Road & Home website to check out its full line of RV parts. Remember, next time you need an RV part, head over to Lowe’s, Menards or and pick up the Road & Home parts you need.