Peace Arch Historical State Park, Washington

Journey to Alaska Episode 07

Join us in this episode, “Our 2019 Journey to Alaska Episode 07”, where we visit Peace Arch Park in Blaine, WA and prepare to cross the border into Canada. We’ve journeyed a couple of months and just over 2,000 miles to get to this point but our journey to Alaska is really just beginning.

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Journey to Alaska Episode 07 – Peace Arch & Preparing to Cross the Border

Peace Arch Historical State Park

The Peace Arch is a monument situated near the westernmost point of the Canada–United States border in the contiguous United States, between the communities of Blaine, Washington, and Surrey, British Columbia.

The Peace Arch Park is a unique and beautiful park that celebrates the unguarded USA/Canada border that stretches from the Strait of Juan de Fuca to the Bay of Fundy Nova Scotia. Wikipedia

This park is just so beautiful and I can’t imagine how pretty it is once they get all the evidence of winter erased and the flowers are really in bloom. We visited late May when we were in Blaine, Washington preparing to cross the USA/Canada border to begin our 9-day adventure to Alaska, the last frontier!

Facts about the Peace Arch

  • Peace Arch Park is an international park consisting of Peace Arch Historical State Park in the United States and Peace Arch Provincial Park in Canada.
  • The Peace Arch was dedicated on September 6, 1921, and was considered one of the first earthquake-resistant structures built in North America.
  • This park is 20 acres of day-use only beauty where over 20,000 flowers are planted annually. You can also see Vancouver Island from the park.
  • The Peace Arch stands 67 feet tall. It is truly magnificent! The Arch was the first arch in the USA to be dedicated to peace and is still of very few in the world.
  • You don’t need a passport to visit this park which sits on the USA/Canada border as long as you stay in the boundaries of the state park.
  • A piece of wood from the Mayflower was placed inside the Peace Arch during its construction. It’s situated behind the corresponding bronze plaque displayed on the outside of the arch. –Wikipedia

Preparing to cross the USA/Canada Border

    • Fresh oil change and fuel filters on the truck and all fueled up. Plus an extra 5 gallon can of fuel for emergencies. The truck is also full of DEF and 2 boxes of DEF with us just in case it’s hard to find
    • Ate all of our fruits and veggies, we hate throwing food away
    • Made sure the pet’s shots are up to date and the paperwork is close at hand for the border crossing. Passports in the truck and ready to go
    • All camera, cell phone, and drone batteries are fully charged and chargers are in the truck for easy access along the way
    • Have our copy of the Milepost close at hand and partly memorized
    • The windshield is pre-cracked for the trip. We picked up a rock in Albuquerque last summer and that medium-sized chip grew rapidly so we don’t need to worry about getting a chip in Alaska, Bonus


I think we’re all set to enter Canada and head toward Alaska. So stay tuned for the next episode where we will enter Canada, stock back up on groceries and finally head north. Alaska here we come!!

Peace Arch Washington


Be sure to check out the photo gallery below!

Peace Arch Historical State Park Photo Gallery


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