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Our 3 Year Nomadiversary!

Three years ago we set out on a new adventure, living in our RV fulltime. We sold our home that was just too big for the two of us, the one we thought was our forever home, and sold, gave away or donated almost everything else you can’t take on the road with you.

That day was full of emotion as we pulled away from our home after living in Arizona for 22 years, our daughter and her boyfriend, and our friends. Yeah, it was a little scary, exciting and probably a little overwhelming. We wouldn’t trade it for anything….

Memories Being Made

Today, 3 years later, we are very blessed to be traveling and fulfilling our bucket list, living our dreams and meeting so many awesome people along the way.

Seeing distant family is another reason we love this lifestyle so much. We also have no desire to stop traveling any time soon. There is so much more to see and do out there.

Year 3 took us to Alaska and Canada, places we never thought we get to visit. We took a flight over Denali National Park and a day trip on the Alaska Railroad with friends. We held meetups and made so many new friends in 2019, visited more National Parks, the list of memories goes on and on.

2019 was a year we will never forget, it was truly a year of firsts. We have made so many unforgettable memories, we cannot wait to see what 2020 has in store for us. We also can’t wait to take you all along with us!

Travel Quotes

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