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Becoming South Dakota Residents?

Becoming South Dakota Residents? Join us in this episode, where we do something we never thought we’d do. Move to a cold state with crappy weather. Then we travel to see family in the heartland and treat the rig to a very well-deserved bath. Becoming South Dakota Residents? How We Did it and Why We Need An Address Some of the biggest problems that full-time RVers face revolve around not having a permanent residence (domicile) unlessRead More…


Peralta Trail Hike Gold Canyon, Arizona

Our daughter Chelsea and her boyfriend Ian asked us to go hiking with them in Gold Canyon on  The Peralta Trail a couple weekends ago.  None of us are experienced hikers by any means but they hike way more than we do. This trail was both harder and longer than we realized going in. Living in Arizona for 21 years we have never been on any of the hiking trails, we were blown away at the beauty andRead More…