Just in time for Father’s Day! Gift ideas from JN2TRVL!

If your dad is anything like mine he loves gizmos and gadgets, pretty much all things manly! So here are a few ideas I came up with to make your Dad’s day unforgettable.


Yeti RamblerThis Fathers Day we’ve partnered with Yeti to offer FREE shipping on $19.99 or more! The Toughest Ice Chests, Soft Coolers and Drinkware.

I bet your Dad would love a new Tumbler to keep his drinks, hot or cold, all day long. Or perhaps a new cooler for his freshly caught fish from that Father’s Day camping trip. What is cooler than a new cooler (see what I did there haha) one that is BEAR PROOF! No Bear can get to Dad’s freshly caught fish in a Yeti! Did we mention that you get  FREE shipping over $19.99!




Does Dad work from the road? Does he love to stream his favorite shows? Even on that awesome Father’s Day camping trip he might need a cell boost to keep in touch regardless of his cellular carrier.

The weBoost Connect RV 65 cellular signal booster is a simple, effective solution to significantly improve the strength of dad’s cellular signal.

When in the RV whether in the woods, on the beach, at the lake or even sometimes in town signals can be weak. The weBoost Connect RV 65 is the answer. We don’t want dad to have weak signals now do we?

Now that Dad has his cell signal boosted, his drinks hot or cold and his fish safely stored in a new Yeti cooler there is still something missing. Those fish aren’t gonna cook themselves so now Dad needs a new grill to cook them up on.

While vacationing in his RV or just out camping I’m sure your dad would be thrilled to smoke up some ribs on a new pellet smoker or squeeze into a new pair of gloves to gather firewood for his new portable fire-pit!

Of course, I don’t know your Dad, but there is one thing I do know. No ties for Father’s Day this year please! Your Dad will thank me I’m sure.

These are just a couple things we thought Dad might like, shop on Amazon.com to get Dad just the right gift!


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