First Road Trip of 2018

Winter 2018

Our first road trip of 2018 was over the Presidents Day weekend, we decided to take a trip to Salt Lake City, Utah to see our daughter and son-in-law’s new house. I had furniture saved for her so we loaded it up and, with it being a 3 day weekend it was perfect to head north.

We didn’t take the 5th wheel but instead pulled a trailer with the furniture for our daughter. Thank goodness we didn’t take our house with all the snow we encountered coming home.

First Road Trip of 2018

Utah in the winter

While visiting Utah we ventured a bit further north to Park City which is just so beautiful this time of year. There was very little snow the day we visited but it was still very pretty to see.   Normally this time of year it is just covered in snow.

I am the crazy one in the family that LOVES snow.  I’ve been telling Aaron we need to plan an adventure and actually “camp” in the winter somewhere.

Trying to convince him that there are a lot of RVer’s that camp in the snow every year and so should we 🙂 I think it would be so much fun!  As a matter of fact Breckenridge, Colorado looks perfect for a winter RV trip!

First Road Trip of 2018

Blizzard Conditions

Even with very little snow, it was a beautiful visit. Little did we know there would be a blizzard the day we left.

Luckily we have a 4 wheel drive so that made it a little easier to drive. I think it snowed there for over a week! The drive home was long with TWO winter storms. One in Utah and one in Flagstaff, AZ. It was a beautiful drive even though the weather wasn’t so great. We made it home to Arizona safe and that is all that matters. Oh, and I got my snow fix!

Maggie wasn’t all that sure about the cold or the snow.  It was her first time seeing snow. I think she liked it a little bit, although she was probably wondering what it was and why so cold!


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