Journey to Alaska Episode 09 | Sign Post Forest | Yukon Territory

Journey to Alaska Episode 10

Join us in this episode where we leave Liard Hot Springs, BC and head toward Whitehorse in the Yukon.

Tag along as we leave our mark in Watson Lake at the Sign Post Forest and spend most of the afternoon hunting for signs.

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Journey to Alaska Episode 10 –  Sign Post Forest, Watson Lake

Sign Post Forest, Watson Lake

Sign Post Forest, Watson Lake

On our way to Alaska we stopped at the famous Sign Post Forest in Watson Lake, Yukon, we’ve heard/seen so much about. A must stop for us, we couldn’t wait to add our license plate to the forest like so many others before us.
There are over 75,000 signs here and it is one of the most famous landmarks on the Alaskan highway. It was all started by a homesick GI back in 1942. While recovering from an injury he added a signpost for his hometown, Danville, Illinois, 2835 miles away.

The Sign Post Forest takes up a couple of acres, with huge new panels being constantly added, snaking through the trees. –wikipedia

Sign Post Forest, Watson Lake

Leaving Our Sign

Since we are from Arizona and only need ONE license plate so we added our spare plate to the forest!  Our hope is that others will find it and tag us on Social Media. We made it easy to find but be sure to watch the video above for some clues on where we left our sign.

North of Mexico - JonesN2Travel

Small Town Oklahoma

We were surprised to see an Altus, Oklahoma sign since it really is in nowhereville Oklahoma. Aaron was stationed there in the Air Force in the ’90s and that is the only reason we’ve ever even heard of it.

Altus Oklahoma

Fellow RVers Signs

We found the signs for a few fellow RVers who inspired us to live this lifestyle, Keep Your Daydream, His and Hers Alaska, Less Junk More Journey, and Motorhome Experiment. It was fun looking through the forest of signs for their signs.

Keep Your Day Dream

His and Hers Vlogs Less Junk More Journey

Motor-home Experiment




We had a great time at the Sign Post Forest and spent a couple of hours just wondering around taking video and photos. You could spend hours or even days looking at all the cool signs, all started by a lonely homesick GI.

To see all of the photos from our visit to the Sign Post Forest check out the Photo Gallery below.

Photo Gallery Sign Post Forest

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