RELiON Batteries – RV Lithium Battery Upgrade Part 2

✔️About this Episode:

Join us in this video where we unbox and install our new Lithium LiFePO4 batteries from RELiON Battery.

We’ll also take a look at the RELiON website and show you where to find the specific charging parameters used to program your lead-acid battery chargers to work with the LiFePO4 Lithium technology. This isn’t to say that your current lead-acid charger is configurable to work with Lithium batteries even though ours are. So please check with your battery charger manufacturer for compatibility.


We have a special offer for you all! We are excited to share with you a discount code to use towards your purchase of RELiON Batteries!! How exciting is that??

Use the link below to shop for your very own RELiON battery solutions. Enter discount code Jones5 at checkout to get 5% off your order. This discount won’t last forever so start shopping today!

RELiON Batteries – RV Lithium Battery Upgrade Part 2

Stay tuned for video 3 of this installment where we’ll travel to the desert and boondock for a couple months really putting these new batteries through their paces.

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2 thoughts on “RELiON Batteries – RV Lithium Battery Upgrade Part 2”
  1. We run solar and lithium too and my advice to anyone considering a solar setup, is to buy as much solar as you can afford or fit on your roof! You simply cannot have too much! The more (combined wattage) you have, the faster you will charge your batteries, and that’s a fact.

    1. Thank you for your comment! Yes, we are finding that out too. It is a simple fact and we are maxing out our roof space with panels as well. 🙂

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