How to Replace Your RV Slide Seals

How to Replace Your RV Slide Seals

If your RV has slide-outs you know how important the seals around them are. These seals keep wind, rain, and dirt out of your RV interior.

Occasionally, these seals deteriorate and no longer provide a good seal. Deterioration can be caused by many different things but typically is due to aging rubber or slide misalignment and undo wear on the seal.

In our latest video Aaron walks you through the process of replacing our slide seals. This process is easier than you might think and we were able to get the replacement part from Amazon avoiding high dealer prices.


Slide Seal Parts on Amazon

Bulb Seal – AP Products 018-312-EKD Black 1″ x 15/16″ x 35′ D-Seal (Shown in our video)

Wiper Seal – AP Products 018-341 Black Premium EK Seal Base (This is the separate wiper seal part if needed)


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