We visited Lassen National Park early May of 2018. However, the roads past the main visitor center were still closed because of the snow. Maybe one day we will be able to return and enjoy more of what this National Park has to offer.

We were able to stay the night in the parking lot which was fun! Check out our review here about our overnight camping in the parking lot.

Lassen Volcanic National Park

9 Interesting Facts – Lassen Volcanic National Park

    1. Lassen Volcanic National Park is a United States National Park in northeastern California.
    2. The western part of the park features great lava pinnacles, jagged craters, and steaming sulfur vents.
    3. Lassen National Park is one of the few areas in the world where all four types of volcano can be found the plug dome, shield, cinder cone, and strato.
    4. Lassen Peak, commonly referred to as Mount Lassen, is the southernmost active volcano in the Cascade Range of the Western United States.
    5. During ice ages, glaciers have modified and helped to erode the older volcanoes in the park.
    6. The center of snow accumulation and therefore ice radiation was Lassen Peak, Red Mountain, and Raker Peak. These volcanoes thus show more glacial scarring than other volcanoes in the park.
    7. Despite not having any glaciers currently, Lassen Peak does have 14 permanent snowfields.
    8. The 29-mile main park road was constructed between 1925 and 1931, just 10 years after Lassen Peak erupted. Near Lassen Peak the road reaches 8,512 feet, making it the highest road in the Cascade Mountains.
    9. It is not unusual for 40 ft of snow to accumulate on the road near Lake Helen and for patches of snow to last into July.

Source – Wikipedia

Lassen National Park

Be sure to check out our photo gallery of Lassen Volcanic National Park below.

Lassen National Park

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