Yosemite National Park – Popular Waterfall Facts

Yosemite has many waterfalls throughout the park, spring is the best time to see these natural wonders in full force. By August most of the waterfalls have dried up.

We visited early May 2018 and the waterfalls were flowing. This national park is the perfect place to chase waterfalls if you love waterfalls as we do, this is a do not miss national park with thousands of acres and many waterfalls to chase!

Yosemite National Park - Popular Waterfall Facts

Yosemite Falls

Yosemite Falls flows approximately November through July, with peak flow in May. By late summer the snows have all melted away and the once-booming the falls becomes a trickle. It now leaves only a shadow of what it once was on the cliff wall.

This waterfall is undoubtedly the most famous of all of the magnificent waterfalls that you will find in Yosemite National Park which is part of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range.

The falls are twice the height of Niagara Falls. The waterfall, the highest waterfall in North America (2,450 feet) and 5th highest in the world.

Yosemite National Park - Popular Waterfall Facts

Bridalveil Fall

Flows all year, with peak flow in May.

Bridalveil Fall as seen from Tunnel View on California State Route 41. The waterfall is one of the most prominent waterfalls in the Yosemite Valley in California, Yosemite National Park.

This waterfall is said to be 620ft height and is one of the few waterfalls in the park that flows year-round. Even though its drainage is much smaller than that of Yosemite Falls (which doesn’t flow year-round), this waterfall has more lush and shaded drainage which keeps Bridalveil Creek flowing and thus keeps the waterfall flowing.

Yosemite National Park - Popular Waterfall Facts

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Be sure to check out our photo gallery below from our visit to Yosemite National Park spring 2018. Yosemite National Park Photo Gallery

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