Redwoods National Park – 5 Interesting Facts

Redwoods National Park – 5 Interesting Facts

Redwoods National Park – 5 Interesting Facts

1. Redwood National Park and State Parks are where you will find the tallest trees over 350 feet tall and the largest area of redwoods. 

2. The Redwood trees are taller and their trunks thinner than their relatives, the giant sequoias in the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains, which are the biggest living things in the world by volume.

3. The oldest coastal redwood is 2,520 years old.

4. After much controversy and compromise with timber companies, Congress finally approved a federal park, and on October 2, 1968, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law the act that established the National Park. The new preserve placed 58,000 acres in the care of the NPS.

5. The Redwood National Park celebrates 50 years October 2, 2018

Source ~wikipedia

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Giant Redwood Tree


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